Leave the SJD Airport headed North. Drive on Mex 1 about 45 minutes past Caduano, Miraflores and Santiago until you come Las Cuevas and a very large bridge over a large arroyo.  Just before the bridge there may... depending on the time of year,  be signs saying "La Ribera", "Cabo Riviera", "Costa Palmas" etc.  Turn right on the paved road just before the bridge.

Take the Paved road about 20 minutes, until you come to the town of La Ribera.  You know you're there because there is an Oxxo market and a large playing field.  The road sweeps right towards Cabo Pulmo, but  you go straight into La Ribera, about half a mile, over topes (speed bumps) until the road ends at a T on the beach road.

The beach road is sand, go right, past the town and past the Pemex.  About 3/4's of a mile past the Pemex the road sweeps left, follow it left and then over the arroyo.  About 1/2 mile past the arroyo, you'll see a Sign on your left for the development  Playa Colorada ... go left into the development.  When the road ends at a T, go right 3 driveways. On the fourth, you'll rake a left, ascend the sand dune and the big yellow house will be right in front you, on the beach to your right.